For timeless memories...


We like to call ourselves "young videographers."  The reason is, we've only been offering videography for the last three years. Everyday we are still learning more.  We began doing videography after we saw a few couples have important moments ruined by teams who couldn't work together well.  We also noticed while planning our own weddings, that videography was super expensive and therefore was often done without.  One of my biggest regrets was not getting some sort of wedding video.  So we started learning videography.  Because we can offer videography alongside our photography services, we are able to make it affordable for our brides.  However, we like to warn that we are no pros when it comes to videography. We are still in the toddler stages of learning this craft and have so much more we want to learn (and purchase) to really work on this skill.  So if you're a bride on a budget who wants a video for a memory, we are your team.  If you want a cinematic masterpiece and have the budget for it, let us recommend someone else for you.  With all that being said, check out our samples to the left and  if you're still interested in our videography services, you can check out our videography  contract HERE.*

Please note travel fees apply for weddings outside of Volusia county. Travel fees begin at $150 and go from there.