Mr. and Mrs. Cody - The Delamater House, NSB, FL

I can’t even begin to describe how much fun this wedding was.  After Coral and Logan’s engagement session, we knew their wedding was going to be a blast.  They’re spunky, and fun and they brew beer for a living!  After their engagement, we dubbed them, beauty and the beard.

Their wedding day was everything we hoped it would be and more.  The minute we arrived on the scene the girls told us they had Smirnoff’s in the boys room and they planned to “ice” them all.  So of course, Amanda and I head over and wait for their arrival.  When all the guys come, the only two to take a knee are Logan and… drum roll please… his DAD!   That pretty much set the tone for the fun we were about to experience that day.

 Everything was beautifully decorated and planned and the entire crew had smiles all day.  Their take home gifts for guests were beer Logan brewed specially for the event.  The only hitch was right at ceremony time, the kids decided to open up.  The Delamater and Belles and Bow ties crew ran into action, got everyone umbrellas and got them quickly into the barn.  Ten minutes later, the skies cleared,  the team dried the benches,  and the ceremony began outside as planned.  The rest of the day and night was a hoot, right down to the exit.  The wedding party filled their car with balloons,  some chanting and car rocking was happening, and as a grand finale, there was a pretty funny (and rated R ) slogan written across the top of their windshield.  That being said,  don’t look at the end of this blog if you’re under 18. 

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Venue: The Delamater House
Coordinator: Belles and Bow Ties
Florist: Flowers at the House
Bartender: J&T Bartending