We got to know Koren and Ty a little bit before their wedding, during their engagement session in Blue Springs.  We spent the evening roaming around the park and the two got into the cold water at the end, fully dressed, without flinching.  They were funny, completely in love, and a hoot.  We couldn't wait for their wedding.

Their big day was our first time at Floridian Manor Estate, and boy did  that place not disappoint. Everywhere we turned there was something new to look at.  I could photograph that place for  days!   Koren's bridesmaids were so sweet and attentive all day, and Ty's groomsmen were so funny and helpful.  The day was a total blast.   As each part of the wedding progressed, we moved to a new, beautiful area, and Koren and Ty were so good about going along with our photographic whims.  This sneak preview doesn't even begin to touch base on all the photos we got that day, but we hope you enjoy this slight glimpse into Koren and Ty's gorgeous wedding day,. 


Venue: Floridian Manor Estate
Hair: Holly Pell
Make-Up: Camila Forester
Caterer: Donnie's BBQ
Florist: Publix and Hobby Lobby
Cake: Publix
DJ: G&G Entertainment
Planner: Jennifer P